Wild Gardening

Just got back from the second of our winter Green Club programme - Wild Gardening led by Tim Rees.

Another great evening with hot cider and chilli maple syrup courtesy of Brian, and Tock kicking off by showing us all the wonderful chillies she'd been growing.

Tim then gave us handouts on how to build a bat-house to encourage bats (beside being really interesting and the only flying mammals, they are great pest exterminators). We also looked at ways of building habitats for insects, bumble bees and generally encouraging wild-life into the garden and why it is so important. We shared stories of wildlife we'd observed in and around Harlesden Town Garden including foxes, rats and squirrels and the wide range of bird species spotted.

What is so great about these sessions is that there are always loads of questions and usually someone knows quite a bit about something, and if not - there's always someone who'll do a Google search on their smartphone. So a fun and interesting way to learn as well as a lovely social event.

So what comes next ?

- Plant the permaculture area, thinking particularly about insect friendly plants, flowers for the pollinators and seed bearing plants for the birds.

- Build some wild-life habitats

- Plant some fruit trees

Something to look forward to in the New Year.

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