Warm Kale and Chard Salad

I am not a food writer, but as eating is something we do more than most things, food tends to be a large part of our lives. As a mother of four boys who LOVE food but can sometimes be picky re veg, it has always been important that the veg I do feed them encourages them to want more!


I threw a little something together with a couple of allotment bed ingredients that were easy to grow, added a spoon of organic coconut oil, first time using, the result was so good I had to share! Did I mention that it's Vegan too!!!! VERY Easy cook 5 minutes prep 3 minute cook Serves 1 for main meal or 2 as sides

Stuff you'll need:
  • 1 handful of freshly picked chard

  • 1 handful of freshly picked curly kale

  • 1 small red onion

  • 1/2 a leek

  • 1/2 red pepper

  • salt and coarse ground black pepper to season

  • 1/2 tbs of Organic coconut oil

  • a teaspoon of Bicarbonate soda to wash the veg


Start with putting the bicarbs into a bowl of water and washing the chard and kale thoroughly to remove any dirt or bugs. Rinse with fresh water. Finely slice the onion, leek and red pepper and fry in oil till the onions are soft, around 2 minutes on medium heat. Toss in the chard and kale, season with salt and pepper and stir in for a minute until all ingredients are mixed together. Serve with a crisp, cold white wine; Et Voila... Complete, serve whilst hot! The kale and chard should still be a vibrant green and the red pepper still have a little crunch. If you are a die hard meat eater, chopped pancetta fried before the instructions above would work perfectly! Enjoy

End Result!

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