Warm Kale and Chard Salad

I am not a food writer, but as eating is something we do more than most things, food tends to be a large part of our lives. As a mother of four boys who LOVE food but can sometimes be picky re veg, it has always been important that the veg I do feed them encourages them to want more! I threw a little something together with a couple of allotment bed ingredients that were easy to grow, added a spoon of organic coconut oil, first time using, the result was so good I had to share! Did I mention that it's Vegan too!!!! VERY Easy cook 5 minutes prep 3 minute cook Serves 1 for main meal or 2 as sides Stuff you'll need: 1 handful of freshly picked chard 1 handful of freshly picked curly kale

Friends of Harlesden Town Gardens Committee

with the Mayor of Brent

The committee that runs the 'Friends' group has a Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, Secretary and Media Officer.  The committee meet once a month, if you are interested in joining the committee to add your ideas and skills, please contact us at any time; or, if you wish to be put forward for one of the main positions, you may do so before the AGM, held around March/April of every year.

Please contact the friends via email; info@harlesdentowngarden.co.uk



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